Senior Men

Senior men's rowing at Cardiff University is coached by Gareth Storey and Rod Sanchez. The training programme is challenging combining strength and conditioning coaching, circuit training, ergo sessions and water sessions, as well as cross training sessions. The squad attends all major competitions in the UK. 


For those that are new to the CURC, more specifically the Men's Squad, and are not in Cardiff for the start of training or wish to begin training with the squad; simply contact me via my email and I will let you know the details of training from the first training session after you arrive. Training as a squad typically starts mid-September.


The men's senior squad is exclusively for members that have previous rowing experience. If you are joining the club as a fresher but have rowed at school or club level and can demonstrate suitable rowing ability then you will join directly to the senior squad. Rowers that have completed a years training and racing in the novice squad are also eligible to row at the senior level.


One of the main attractions to rowing is the competitiveness of the sport. CURC is dedicated to seeking to working with its athletes to achieve their highest potential. To more effectively do this, within the Men's Squad this year there are two sub-squads, being the Heavyweight and Lightweight squads respectively. These squads can be joined periodically to produce a top boat for certain events. For any other queries or questions regarding the CURC Senior Men's Squad, please feel free to email me.

 Vince De Luca

 Men's Captain 2011-2012

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