Senior Women

The women's coaching program is a simple pathway to excellent rowing achievements; put together and delivered by CURC's head women's coach Jonathan Cheeseman (Jono). Being an active member of the senior women involves a great deal of squad training but also requires individual dedication and motivation when independent sessions need to be completed.

Much of the winter season is spent training in various crew combinations and boats, the water sessions are split up into long pieces and shorter, more technical outings. Winter training is about building the necessary base levels in preparation for the summer season; however all the hard work is rewarded at winter events like BUCS head and WEHORR.

In the summer season, crews are set and as the distance drops, the rating and boat speed is increased to its maximum in preparation for those important summer regattas including BUCs and Henley Women's. Summer season training also includes a week long residential training camp, with the possibility of travelling abroad.

Weights, circuits and ergo's are also significant parts of the program aimed at maximizing physiological development and ensuring high levels of fitness all year round.

The program has been followed successfully by those on all types of courses, (including finalists and postgraduates) and it has been proven that it can be combined with getting a good result from even the most challenging of degrees.

Becoming part of the Cardiff University Women's Squad will take you into a focused, effective and rewarding squad with a brilliant team mentality. We train extremely hard and work tirelessly to achieve our potential but of course we make time for some brilliant socials, as a squad and with the rest of the club! 

For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Cari Davies                                                                                  

Senior Womens Captain 2011-2012

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