Novice Women

Becoming a Novice Women within CURC is a great way to get fit, make friends, compete for Univeristy, learn a new sport and boost your social life!


In order to join the club as a novice woman no previous rowing experience or set fitness levels are required. We will introduce you to rowing gradually and build up the necessary fitness and strength levels in stages so that the whole squad can develop together maximising potential.  

To begin with, the novice women will train as a squad both on and off the water, as well as attending circuits twice a week alongside members of the other three squads. As the squad progresses, more training will be introduced in preparation for the big races of the year.  Training across the year will take the form of gym sessions,water sessions, running, pilates and light weights and work on the rowing machine. The sports centre at Talybont Halls and our boathouse have excellent facilities to work and train in.

The Novice Squads are a brilliant way to enjoy sport and exercise, make friends and have a great social life.   I really look forward to welcoming you into the club.

Francesca Hinds

Novice Women's Captain

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