Train Hard, Play Harder!!!

Club and squad socials (including post race celebrations) will be held on a regular basis with addition to the Christmas Ball, the Boat Race Ball and the Awards Dinner.

Socials are a great way of meeting new squad members so try to attend as many as possible! We're going to kick off the social calender as soon as term starts and hope to match this coming year with the fun we had in 2010/11. 

Keep your social timetable up to date by checking the facebook groups as well as listening out for announcements after training sessions from our Social Secretary Imogen. Unless a theme is stated social shirts are to be worn at all times!

For more information contact Sally Wilson (Social Secretary) 

A list of the up coming nights planned for the next academic year will be posted below soon....and as always attendance is compulsory!!

Love the alcoholic with a rowing problem xx