Interested in Coxing at Cardiff?

Coxing is a fantastic way to be an active and integral part of the largest sports club at Cardiff University.  If you don't think rowing is for you but still want to be involved then coxing is certainly for you.  It is however so much more than simply steering a boat.  Coxing is often said to be the water version of formula 1 driving - it requires nerve, dedication, enthusiasm, stamina, fitness and the desire to WIN!

Rowing at CURC is about dedication, committment, hard work and above all working as a team.  It would be down to the you as the cox to determine whether the team held together or fell apart.  Not only does he have to steer the boat, but the cox must also be the one to control the pace of the race - and motivate his team-mates when they feel like giving up.

As a cox at CURC you would have the opportunity to apply to join one of the squads.  Once you joined you would be a full member of that squad.  You would train with them on and off the water and work yourself into the role of race cox.  

It's more than just shouting at a boat full of rowers - you are in command of the boat, and part of a crew where team spirit is vital. If you think you have what it takes to be a successful cox then CURC wants you! We provide a coxing programme specifically designed to take people with little or no coxing experience through all the necessary tuition to be able to master the art of navigating a river and driving the best out of a crew. The programme will include all elements crucial for racing and training.


If you are at all interested in joining the CURC Cox Squad or interested in finding out more drop me an email at

I look forward to welcoming you into the exciting world of coxing!

Sarah Davies

Cox Captain