Men's and Women's Squads Racing Dates 2011/2012

Provisional Races for the 2010/11 Season (not all squads attend every event)

1st October - Alumni Regatta

8th October - Pairs Head (Tideway, London)

22nd October - Bristol

23st October - BUCS SBH (Nottingham)

5th November - Fours Head (Tideway, London)

19th November - Kingston SBH

11th December - Monmouth Head

4th February - Wycliffe Head

4th February - Head of the Nene (Peterborough)

18-19th February - BUCS Head (Peterborough)

26th February - Head of the Trent (Nottingham)

25th February - Reading University Head

3rd March - Women's Head of the River (Tideway, London)

4th March - Hammersmith Head (Tideway, London)

17th March - Head of the River (Tideway, London)

- Welsh Boat Race (Date to be confirmed)

- Full Regatta Schedule to be confirmed.

3rd December - Welsh Indoors 

More Race information is available from your Squad Captain and Coaching Staff