CURC Committee 2010/11





Amy Hill 

The President is the most senior member of the committee, and as such is responsible for everything that goes on within the club; ensuring the club runs according to it's constitution, chairing and overseeing the committee, advising coaches and maintaining links within the Students Union are to name but a few of the requirements of the President.

The President will also aim to develop the future prospects of the club.





Helen Iliff

The Club Secretary fulfills the administrative role within the club including keeping a record of all of the clubs activities and recording the minutes of all committee meetings.

The Secretary also has the responsibility for maintaining a record of all members, making kit orders and assisting captains with race entries and transport to events.






Jamie Burns

The Club Treasurer manages all of the Boat Club's accounts and budgets.  They are ultimately responsible for all transactions within the club including membership fees, race entry monies and transport costs all the way up to the purchasing of boats and equipment costing thousands of pounds.


Men's Captain




Mike Ramselaar 

Men's Captain's role is to ensure the smooth running of his squad and to maintain focus and direction throughout the year.

He must also liase with the Men's Squad Coach and ultimately select crews based on the coaches advice. It is also the role of the Men's Captain to ensure the implementation of the training program, organise training camps and coordinate the itineraries of race days.


Women's Captain



Kat Heine


Very similar to the role of the Men's Captain, the Women's Captain must maintain the smooth running of her squad within CURC.

She also works along side the Women's Squad coach forming and implementing training programs and making crew selections.  Similarly it is also the role of the Women's Captain to organise coxing for her squad, plan training camps and coordinate the details of race days.



Novice Men's Captain




Tom Tilston


It is the Novice Men's Captain's role to take new members of the club from the level of complete rowing novices to competant rowers within one year.  They must also ensure that their squad runs smoothly within CURC.

They must also liase with Men's Captain regarding the use of boats, coaching resources and progression of his oarsman.  Furthermore it is their role to select crews, implement training plans and organise the details of race days


Novice Women's Captain



Gabriella Cahill


Similarily to the Novice Men's Captain's role, the Novice Women's Captain is responsible for the development of new women rowers within the club.  She is also responsible for her squad's running within the club.

She must work with the Women's Captain regarding the use of boats, coaching resources and progression of his oarsman.  Furthermore it is their role to select crews, implement training plans and organise the details of race days.


Cox Captain




Sarah Davidson

It is the Cox Captain's role is to ensure the development of new and experienced coxes within the club.  By working with the captains of each squad it is their role to make sure all coxes are aware of all the necessary rules, regulations and information necessary for them to cox crews.


Equipment & Safety



James Stringfellow

The Equipment and Safety Officer is ultimately responsible for all Club equipment and resources. Furthermore they must implement of the club's safety policies.

This includes overseeing the proper use of all equipment, organising repair to damaged equipment and for purchasing any necessary replacement parts.  She is also the coordinator of the CURC Cox/Steers Register.

She must also liaise with the ARA and the AU in order to stay up to date with safety standards. 


PR & Sponsorship



Emma Hughes 


The Public Relations and Sponsorship Co-ordinator ensures that the club's interests are well represented in the media and local area, searches for sponsorship and along with the treasurer develops the financial integrity of the club.

This includes maintaining relations with the local and student press and ensuring that all club events are well promoted.  They are also responsible for sponsorship events, maintaining the club's sponsorship packages and keeping the website and other internet outlets up to date.


Social Secretary


George Gauntlett

The Social Secretary organises all of the social events for the club.

This includes the organisation of club initiation, the Winter Ball, the Welsh Boat Race Ball and the annual Awards Dinner.



Fundraising Co-ordinator




Paddy Langford

The fundraising co-ordinator organises all of the fundraising events for the club, and ensures they all run smoothly and the necessary permits/licences are obtained. 

Events range from bagpacks, to street collections, and large one off events.