CURC's Background



Cardiff University Rowing Club has established itself as one of the premier rowing clubs in Wales. It is also working its way up to being regarded as one of the top rowing universities for both men and women.


With the prospect of improving facilities and equipment, the club has a promising future. CURC's training facilities play a crucial role in maximising individual and club performance throughout the rowing year. Water-based training is carried out on the River Taff  at the Cardiff Bay Water Activity Centre.                                            

Weekly training for the average member would include 5-6 water outings, two fully instructed circuit sessions and 4 personal training sessions.   Each squad has access to a wide selection of boats and training equipment.


CURC has four Squads; The Men's and Women's Squads and the Novice Men's and Novice Women's Squads.

  • The Novice Squads are designed for those people entering the club with little or no previous rowing experience. Through a combination of experienced and dedicated coaching, intensive fitness and strength training and a supportive and involved club environment, the club is able to teach new members to row competitively within one year. Novice Men and Women are given the opportunity to compete for places in racing crews just 6 weeks after joining the club in September. This gives  a fantastic opportunity to represent the University at a competitive level from the very beginning of the year. Last year 3 novice men and 2 novice women excelled enough to earn places in the University Crews competing at Henley Royal Regatta and Women's Henley in July.    
  • The Senior Squads are designed to develop and maximise the skills of experienced oarsmen and women with the ultimate goals of Henley Royal Regatta, The Welsh Boat Race and British University Championships amongst many others. The squads run with a guiding ethos of dedication, commitment and hardwork all within a team mentality. It is the role of the captains to ensure that these principles are maintained and that the squads succeed in their goals.  

For more information on how to join the club or any of the squads contact the squad captains directly.