Friends and Alumni


As members of the Club are constantly reminded by our enthusiastic support at every rowing event, there are enormous amount of people who support Cardiff University Rowing Club, despite not being current members.

For this reason, the Committee of the Club has decided to establish a formal organisation known as the Cardiff University Rowing Club Association (CURCA), specifically designed to provide relevant Club information for these people and at the same time enable them to support the Club in such a way as to secure its ever-tenuous financial position. Money raised from members of the Association will be held separately from the Club's main account and will be used exclusively for equipment purchases.

An open letter regarding the objectives of the CURCA is downloadable here:

Benefits of joining the CURCA:

  • Opportunity to support the University Rowing Club

  • Termly newsletter detailing recent and upcoming events

  • For Alumni, the opportunity to race at BUSA Regatta

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association, a downloadable form is available below:

All of your support is very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance either for joining the Association or giving us a shout from the bank when we row past.